have a birthday blast, Lainy!



I have read an interesting story that talks about "attitude" in general. This morning, as I rose from bed, I remembered one line from the story that says: "Each morning when you wake up, you have two choices... whether you wake up in the good mood or you wake up in the bad mood".

Thinking of so many things that I need to get done today , I decided to wake up in a good mood. At this time (3:26 pm) I already have at least 70% of my pending online activities done. Before I finally jump to my last agenda for today which is blog hopping, let me plug some interesting activities here first.

I'm sure many of you have known Lainy better known as Scotty's Princess. One of the so many blogs I love to visit. Aside from the fact that we both came from the same region and we speak the same native language, it is her way of articulating herself, her opinions and brilliant ideas that draws my interest to visit her blogs as often as I can. Not to mention her warm accommodation every time I vent some blogging issues to her on some occasions. I think many of our friends here have already proven her kindheartedness...In fact, her Birthday Bash Contest which she and her generous sponsors had prepared for everybody can justify it further!

Yes...you heard it right! Everyone is invited to join @ Lainy's Birthday Bash Contest. Deadline of submission of entries will be on the 28th midnight, (Philippine Time). Join now and let us make Lainy's day an extra special one.

By the way, for the information of everybody, Lainy also authored these blogs:
Our Journey To Forever Lainy's Musings Kuerdas The Certified Fashionable Chic

.... and of course, special thanks to Lainy's friends who generously extended their support to materialize this event. They are the following:
The Designer Chic | AZ Blogging | My Blog Says | Mapiles.com| Your Partner Online | Twerlermz BLog | Happy Family | My Kawaii Life | Reveiling Oneself... Expressing the Real Me | Twinkletoe Writing Space | Everyday Life | My So Called Life | In The Eyes of the Beholder | A Woman Under God's Grace | Random Ramblings | Briggs Time for Escapades


Sis, this is for you!

from me and JK!

4 Response to "have a birthday blast, Lainy!"

  1. Ohhh! W!O!W! What a beautiful post Nance! I'm truly touched! I never expected you see me that way as a person, I am just an ordinary blogger, hehe. Im indeed very lucky to have such wonderful friends like you and Jim...

    Thank you so much for the virtual gift. You just made my upcoming birthday triple extra special...

    More than all, thanks for the gift of friendship!


    I forgot Nance, kindly edit the list of sponsors, hehe. Lynn just expressed her willingness to sponsor. I am all grateful for these wonderful friends making this contest possible...

    Nancy says:

    you're most welcome, sis..you have been so kind to me so you only deserve the best...


    the glass is half full

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