design, submit and be discovered



An outrageous graphic tees offer for t-shirt lovers!

Aren't these t-shirt designs' cool? You can get on of these best quality tees from or else if you are a creative artist and want to be discovered globally, all you need to do is upload your own design and join the weekly tshirt contest and win cash prizes. The winners are selected by popular vote and the winning design are then screen printed on t- shirts made of high quality fabrics in all sizes. At Ink Fruit, the quality of tee shirt design rules. They make your favorite tees you just don't wanna throw away when they are old and worn out!

2 Response to "design, submit and be discovered"

  1. faye says:

    hi nancy
    been a while di ako nakadaan dito
    have a nice sunday..

    Priyanka says:

    Hi Nancy!
    great to read your views about Inkfruit. thanks for writing about us. :)

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