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Was reading some blog entries this morning and came across with two write ups regarding PR. One was cheerfully having it while the other was losing it.

Actually, I don't know now how else to feel about gaining and losing a page rank! Somewhere from last month I gained a page rank of 2 back from Google which I momentarily enjoyed for only a couple of weeks. This morning as I turned my page on, I noticed that it's gone again... for the second time. Although, it really didn't surprised me at all. When I had my URL changed, a friend warned me about how a new redirected domain works...

"Start from scratch!"... just like literally starting a new blog. As I have understood relevant traffic, page rank and other SE (Search Engine) blog qualifications will be counted back to zero. Hmm... if that's the case, I think I could somehow consider Google taking back my PR for that matter.

Anyways, congratulations to those who had just got their page(s) ranked however, to those who had so cheerlessly lose it... well there will always be a next time! :-)

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  1. Michelle says:

    Hi nancy! got an award for you. :)

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