brillante weblog & iloveyouthismuch award



These were 2 of the tags I missed posting from 2 promising bloggers I have known here namely:


These 2 are my enduring visitors and even if we haven't met in person yet for me they're not just my virtual friends coz I have found comfort in them especially in sharing common thoughts and experiences. There maybe infinite number of people you may find whom you can call a virtual friends in this community but you can count on for only a few whom you are comfortable to talk to by heart wherein distance don't seems to be a drawback. Thank you Sheng and Lynn. You two are great!

1 Response to "brillante weblog & iloveyouthismuch award"

  1. Lynn says:

    Wow naman! That was so touching, Nans. You're one of my closest virtual friends here too. But we never know, we get to meet someday. Nothing is impossible, right?

    Ingatz Nans!

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