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When I first went to college from way way back, I was a bit reluctant on what course to take since I haven't known much information on each course offered by the college institution I've been in. All I have in mind then is to take the course which would serve me the best benefit and not just something I would regret for in the future. I see Mass Communication a bit appealing so I took it and eventually find it interesting as days rolled down. But looking at today's unstoppable technology progress, more and more individual and students from different colleges and universities from all over the world are aiming to become a part of the growing IT industry and to be quite honest, I am considering it myself as well.

One of my goals for this year or hopefully early next year is to travel either for a tour or to study outside the country. And on top of my choice if granted a student's visa is to take an IT course to further enhance my knowledge and skills on computer usage. I am very much impressed the way Information Technology professionals acquired their skills. But I just learned that passing the course isn't enough. For you to get the high possible chance of availing great opportunities from the growing industry's job market, you have to keep your skills updated. For future career, more and more IT professionals nowadays wants to get certified. One of the most widely recognized certifications in the industry is Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), an entry level credentials that validates your basic understanding on networking. They offer various trainings and programs to increase your knowledge Interior Gateway Routing, Routing Information Version 2, Serial Line Interface Protocol Frame Relay and other usage of fundamental protocols. Cisco Certification comes in three levels: The Associate, Professional and Expert representing the highest level of achievement. Your Cisco Certification will boost your chance to become highly competitive in IT Industry. It will further prove that you deserve the job you want to have in the future.

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