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The blog entries published here whether it's personal or a paid posts were mostly written in universal language which is English. Very occasionally I blend my personal posts with a little Tagalog (official Filipino dialect) and or Cebuano (Western Visayan dialect) only when it sounds appropriate. Though I realize that I have an American boyfriend who doesn't understand even a bit of our language it didn't bother me at all because most of the time he ask whenever he encounter words or phrases written on my posts which are strange to him.

This morning while we were having our virtual conversation, I was a bit disturbed because beyond my consciousness, he piteously spent hours of his night browsing the internet, desperately looking for a worldwide language converter site but to no avail. It made me even more guilty when I remember he told me how he's been trying to learn about our language by asking especially when I am talking to my sister and my nieces whenever they're around my house and he don't understand. Sometimes, it annoys me to think every time I feel like I need to translate to him every bit and pieces of words that comes out from my mouth. Darn! How insensitive I was! I shouldn't be feeling that way... I'm so sorry sweetheart. I know you care and it was just so selfish of me to ignore how you might have feel.

I know I have failed you with so many forgotten things you asked from me to do but knowing how important it is for you, I have added it into my to do list now. To my readers, you may reply to his post here if ever you have known such site that we were looking for. Your effort and ideas will be very much appreciated.

3 Response to "i should have..."

  1. your situation is understandable. i know it is hard sometimes, maybe a lot of times! hahaha! you do have to translate everything!

    i am quite lucky that hubby can understand and speak a bit of our language. i sometimes talk to him in tagalog, especially when kaiden can hear us.

    you'll surely get around it. good luck!

    Nancy says:

    Oh, yes. I think it's just a matter of time and patience. I should have known that by now, lol!

    Thank you Sheng, for taking a part of our journey...Regards!

    JK says:

    I just want to try and learn abit so I can participate and be part of the group is all...

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