freezing cold



Cebu's current weather condition: 76 degrees
Rain Shower
Humidity: 82%
Visibility: 7.46 mi
Dewpoint: 71 degrees
Wind: SSE 18mph

I like when it rain sometimes especially during the night. The sound it makes is like a lullaby that send me to sleep twice quicker than the dry ordinary nights. But not this time. While blogging (since I can't seems to sleep yet and it's past 3 am) I've been hearing the pouring rain while the wind are too busy buzzing around back and forth in my background. It really don't bother me till I feel the chill and shivers, lol! If this will remain this way, a box of coffee won't last a day for I need another cup!! :-)

1 Response to "freezing cold"

  1. Hi Nancy..Just dropping by to say Hi.So how is everything on your side?I'm doing fine,blogging as usual but my PC and Internet Connection are giving me some headache,but luckily I can still get online.It has been raining here too,but mostly during late afternoon and evening,but the nights are still cold.Since I'm used to sleeping late,especially with live football on TV this last few weeks,but I do get tempted to just lay down and do nothing :-).I read about the ferry tragedy,so many lives lost,must be very sad for the victims families.

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