fabulous friday!



Oh, TGIF! And Friday for me has never been this good for quite a while. My day started with a rain shower this morning but it didn't bother me because my mind has been occupied with more exciting things which I can't wait of doing. Before I went to bed, almost 3 at dawn today, SponsoredReview surprised me with 3 successive emails stating that an advertisers has accepted my bids. Wow... that kicked me off my butt, lol! coz it's been more than a month that I haven't heard from them after I unfortunately lost my PR. God, I instantly got energized and was just thinking of not going to sleep at all and start writing instead but....ah ahh.. that's a big NO... NO! I need my sleep and I know I do. I won't last a day without it. So I grabbed hours of sleep, wishing time would turn fast before I knew it and closed my eyes.

A phone call from JK woke me up... and when I checked my phone's clock...whew...it's late! For me, to wake up at 7am is already late. Didn't realize I've been sleeping like a log. Didn't even notice my alarm clock yelling to wake me up, lol! So, anyways, I got up. Trying to compose my system while connecting to JK. We usually do voice chat so while talking, I can practically do some other stuffs like checking emails. Again, before I could even start to write one review, another opp still from SR was waving "hello" from my inbox, lol! I was so glad... 4 opps in a day aren't bad after how I desperately longed for it. Hmm... I wish this is now a sign of a greener recovery from losing my PR which I believe have unfavorably affected my blogging opportunities. Thanks to SR!

4 Response to "fabulous friday!"

  1. Liza says:

    just wait sis, your pr will come back. my 2 blogs used to have pr4, tapos nawala, after 2 months binalik nila pr2 nga lang, but better than 0 di ba.

    Nancy says:


    ay oo..actually, di ko na po inisip. If google will give my rank back, would be nice but if not, just so be it...ayoko nang i bother yung sarili ko for that.

    thanks anyway for the stop..God bless!

    Hi Nancy..

    I'm happy for the good news that you had today.See..things hppn for some reason!!

    I wish you all the best yea..and hope you have a gr8 weekend.Muahhss.

    Thanks for you visit to my blog,really appreciate it.

    Take care.

    That's goodnews Nanciang! I know how important that to you. More blessings.(chuckles)

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