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Yesterday was the feast day of St. John the Baptist. As accustomed, many people spend time swimming on the beach like how the Saint drew large crowds on the bank of the Jordan river demanding for repentance as what written on the Bible History. Occasion-related activities had been practiced too for over a long period of time now including the popular fun boat race and swimming competition. I was suppose to take video of the boat race yesterday but unluckily the water surge weren't that high. So the competing boats has to run from far across the sea where it is impossible for me to get a clear video shot no matter how i zoom my camera in. To lessen my frustration, I decided to take pictures of the beach instead. So here are some snaps for you to look at...

Panagsama Beach Resort
Moalboal, Cebu

3 Response to "the beach"

  1. I would like to drink beer near to these beaches :)

    wow! very nice beach. :) mukang nag-enjoy talaga kayo dyan ate ah. :)buti maganda panahon dyan, tag ulan na kasi e. hehe

    Nancy says:

    Tin, the weather is doing fine here now.. at least it is after the storm had gone.Umuulan pa rin naman sa mga bandang hapon.

    Thank you, by the way..I'm glad to hear from you again..TC!

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