Sweat or heat rash. We usually find infants and young children susceptible to this skin condition. Jeezzz... I definitely feel like an infant lately. This reddish, pimply, freaking rash had been striking and driving me nuts for days now. It's too annoying and keeps me going in and out of from the bathroom just to freshin' up all day. Imagine how uncomfortable it is. It even sometimes ended me up acting in an uncharacteristic way. Grrr!!!

Some Facts:

Heat rash is caused by excessive heat (usually from hot humid climate), which clogs the sweat glands of the body. Ultimately, a heat rash will go away once the body has had the chance to grow fresh cells around the sweat glands. Regular cool showers with mild soap are an excellent idea when a heat rash does break out since they will keep the infected skin clean and reduce the risk of infection. Oil-free lotions may also help to control the itching associated with heat rash.

3 Response to "annoyed"

  1. laura says:

    hehehe ganyan rin ako last month cguro naninibago ako sa klima d2 kakainis nga mga rashes buti ngayon ala na nakailang balik din me sa doctor nun.anyway ty sa visit at sa comments

    123 says:

    ABC Bloglearner says...

    hey! i thought i am it's all of us.. it actually started in my thighs when i walk around in undies...hehehe.. i learned it's the dust that was solid last winter but now starting to be pulverized... i wore my pants again and now no more,

    BTW, thanks for the drop..i cannot do it yet so i just visit and click some things here.. ok lang?

    ABC Bloglearner

    Nancy says:

    hi laura...

    thanks you too for the stop!


    i have had it too before but i guess that was another form of thigh ko din..haha...

    BTW, thank for the drop...will visit you back soon...TC!

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