pretty cool sunday!



Watching movie with someone you love is still the best way to do it. It was the very first thing I did today. I was hooked at JK's webcam and we watched the movie Frontier(s) together starting at around 5 am. Well I actually made a review for this movie yesterday and since we both like it's genre, he drove his way to the store this morning (last night for his ) to get a copy of the movie and as soon as he gets back, he sat with JD, while I laid down on my couch and from there, the film started rolling. That's how my day started. A few minutes after the movies' over, our power went out as scheduled, I went to my sister's place, we pretty much have had fun and then early this afternoon I made my way back home...That's how my Sunday goes... Now I'm back with my PC again! :-)

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