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Hi friends...

I occasionally do publish features in this page but this time, I'd like to make way for this very impressive music video from The Simple Carnival, originally written and performed by Jeff Boller, a new acquaintance of mine from Pennsylvania, USA. I don't have so much to write about him yet since we have just virtually met through the internet yesterday but as new as I am to his I'm so honored to have watched and heard beforehand their ever first video and some of their songs which full album will be released on 01 October, 2008...I'm inviting you all to check this one out. I am personally impressed with this creatively done video and hope you'll enjoy it too... it's called:

Please click here to see the complete compilation of CDs, collectibles and other cool souvenir stuffs from The Simple Carnival.

9 Response to "the simple carnival (featured post)"

  1. Marie says:

    very nice sis... cute naman and you are indeed priviledged to have view it before it has officially released.

    glad to hear you like Cebu... how long have you been there?

    I certainly would accept you linking to my blog. I have just added you to my blogroll! I loved this site the first time I saw it :o)

    its very nice...and swerte mo naman!! sana ako din. hehehe

    WOW! Sis, you are one lucky soul for having the chance of viewing this even before they were out in the market.

    BTW, sorry wa na nako natubag imong pangutana kung asa ko sa GenSan, hehe. HAve u been here before? Sa Sarangani Homes Phase 1 ko ;-)

    it is a cery nice catchy song . . . realy, really weird! hahaha! it's a cool song!

    ohhhh NOOOO..Nancy!! I'm not too late am I? The video is no longer available!!...

    Anyhow, thanks for inviting me to see the video but too bad I can't view it..

    TGIF...have a relaxing and gr8 weekend ok?

    Muahhss.TC my dear.

    Dana says:

    Nancy - very nice video! Thanks for sharing it with Debbie and me! Ingat lagi!

    Anonymous says:

    Hi there, I'm the guy in the video. :-)

    Thanks for the nice comments, but the song is indeed actually released! It's on The Simple Carnival's "Me and My Arrow" EP (available from iTunes,, -- gotta get my little commercial in there). A slightly different version of the song will be on the upcoming album "Girls Aliens Food," which is what Nancy's referring to in the post.

    If you're curious as to how the video was made (it's mostly construction paper), I've got a detailed article up here:

    Anyway, thanks for posting the video!

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