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Blogging or writing a personal journal that is publicly accessible on the Web is one of the newest high-tech fads and is considered a new form of journalism. One in which there are no editors or publishers to please, and where the personality of the writer can shine through without editing. It is popular because it is inexpensive and easy. With a simple blogging software device, no technical skills are required. People might have wondered how it works, what are the benefits of doing so and isn't it just a waste of time? Even some bloggers does think that blogs just meant for personal use but after taking an eye of the benefits offered by blogs, we come to know that there are number of favorable advantages related to blogs. You can get paid for blogging. I've heard from several bloggers making a good extra or even a primary income out from blogging. Smorty for one is one channel connecting advertisers with bloggers. Bloggers get paid to blog by Advertisers to do blog advertising or to write an opinion posts with links back to the advertisers site.

However, if you focus on making blog for money, you probably won’t make much since no one wants to read blogs that are just there to make the blogger a couple extra dough. They’re just not interesting to read. But if you have a good blog that gives your personal take on stuff people care about , you’ll probably see a good return on your invested time.

5 Response to "Blogging with Smorty"

  1. AuTom says:

    Good luck on your blogging for money with Smorty.

    joy says:

    I agree..Nice post dear and cheers hehe.

    nancy please grab my tag for you.

    john says:

    Hi, Glad to see you are back in action. Well worth keeping the blogging going - here is the math:
    Say, one blog, zero PR , two advertising opportunities per week = 10 bux a week, 40 a month.
    Now, find other interesting (to you!) subjects, and get, say 5 blogs in total running, maybe even have a relative do the main entries for some of the 5 blogs, and here is the math:
    1 blog = 40 a month, 5 = 200 a month. How about that for say, an hour a day! And doing it at home and for fun! Good Luck with it.

    How long did it take you to get approved by smorty. We tried but they said we dont have enough links. Any sugestions would be appreciated thanks. God Bless

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