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I earned this PC set over a year ago after I decided to quit my job at TDCI (a car company) here in Davao. (hmm...spare me the details why I's a long, sad story...) At first, it was purposely acquired to keep me occupied while virtually staying at home and eventually, became my resources tool when i started accepting computer jobs. Yes, I do earn a little with the help of this gadget. Though it's not really a stable income but what is important is I do enjoy while doing the jobs.

T'was during the 4th quarter of last year when I fully realized my interest in blogging, though a close friend introduced it to me some time in August of the same year; when I started to learn how to customize my blogpage because at first it really was so dry and a lifeless page. I kept on hopping and observing how the other bloggers figured theirs and of course with the help from some friends I was able to manage it on my own in the long run. What interests me most of doing this thing was the idea that I can possibly draw earnings while making friends and meeting lots of people from different places across the globe...that's the wonder of technology evolution. And from that thought, I now became pretty obsessed into blogging especially when I get to receive opportunities from advertisers. I do spend much of my time everyday with my computer and I freak out everytime I cannot come online because my server is down or if my connection is running too slow. That's how addicted I am.

Just recently, some terrible and unnerving incident happened that almost call me to leave my PC and just quit blogging once and for all (personal dilemma, that is). Sometimes, when we are in the most desperate time of our lives, we just drift to be irrational... more likely became elusive instead of reconstructing the logic that has been torn apart to be able to fix the mess. But nevertheless, I still am thankful to grasp that one can never settle a problem by just simply making an easy escape...and so that is why I am still here and I just want to spend time here in as much and for as long as I can for I never know what may happen tomorrow or the next approaching days. For now, I am still making the most out of it. Doing the usual thing...

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