Body Mind Spirit and Self Improvement



Have you ever looked yourself in the mirror and see a complete stranger and wonder "how did I become this person?" Why do some, if not most of us, feel as though we have betrayed ourself in some way? And why do we feel powerless to change even though we yearn to get in touch with our real, inner self? While we are not aware of who we are, we tend to move through life beyond the course; an irregular and senseless series of misdeed that allow others to define us who we are, the actions we take, and even the way we think.

The realization of this, the determination to change and the collaboration of Body, Mind and Spirit is the first and most important step we can take to self improvement. It is about knowing who we really are. It's a drive of self discovery; leaving our comfort zone and exploring hidden grounds. It has nothing to do with getting a better paid job, having lots of friends or taking better care of our families. It's about honesty, compassion and integrity to one's self.

Everyone is different and so there's no one direction in the walk towards
Self Improvement. One must find their own path in their own time. Pains and bitterness might be present along the way and even the worst temptation of going back to where we started may seemed almost compelling. I know this from personal life encounter and considered it a part of my Personal Development. I have taken many dead-ends and been down through winding roads. Life is unending cruise or journey, however every single step that we have to take must be worth the attempt. There is no moving backward!

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