3 Realities in Life



I've got this forwarded text message from a friend just a while ago. She asked me to share this to those people I care about but instead of doing that, I decided to have it posted here so that everyone and not just my closest friends will get the chance to read it. I believe this is something essential in life that everyone deserve to know... Here it goes:

3 things in life when gone, never comes back: TIME, WORDS & OPPORTUNITY

3 things in life thet should never be lost: PEACE, HOPE & HONESTY

3 things in life that are most valuable: LOVE, FAITH & PRAYER

3 things in life that are never certain: DREAMS, SUCCESS & FORTUNE

3 things in life that can make a person: HARD WORK, SINCERITY & COMMITMENT

3 things in life that can destroy a person: LUST, PRIDE & ANGER

3 things that are truly constant: CHANGE, DEATH & GOD

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