Nancy's Wishlist 2008



"The thing always happens that you really believed in, and the belief in a thing makes it happen."


  • It has always been my prime wish to have an optimum good health next to my family, my mama, my 2 precious daughters, my bro. and two sis and their families especially the kids, my nieces.
  • There are some projects that remains unaccomplished this year due to some circumstances that undeniably requires more importance so I wish to have these plans be realized hopefully by next year.
  • I also have a special wish for every children around the world...that they shall be unharmed, remain protected especially those who had been early struggling in life. I had been watching unfortunate life stories of children over the news on TVs and it pains me very badly to think how still delicate they are to have experience such misfortune in life.
  • For the coming new year, I wish myself to be more sharp and focus in dealing with life.

I wanna thank my blogger mom, Liza for this tag. Pretty difficult, huh although I made it. Now I wanna hear what Evs, my new found friends Denz, Diane, Joyce and Chari has got to say.

3 Response to "Nancy's Wishlist 2008"

  1. Liza says:

    Hi Nancy! Thanks for participating. Have a great week ahead.

    denz says:

    hi nanz, thanks for sharing this... it's kinda hard but I was able to handle it hehehe tnx again TC :)

    Nancy says:

    medyo nahiraan din ako but i know you can do it, Denz..thanks for joining. Enjoy the rest of the week!

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