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A tag chain from Roselle...
  1. Two name I go by: Nancy & Nanz
  2. Two things I'm wearing right now: This sounds bizarre, Roselle but I also do wear hubby's shirt. The rest of my 'pang-bahay" were still at the laundry shop. At this time kasi, I am still not able of doing heavy chores including the laundry. But of course the shorts I am wearing now is mine (hehe...)
  3. Two things I want in a relationship: security and compassion
  4. Two things I like to do: shop and wrap gifts for christmas.
  5. Two things I want very badly at this moment: It's not actually the want but the need...Right now, I badly needed my tea, (kankunis) for whatever reason, sa akin na lang yun, nakakahiya. (yaksss!)
  6. Two things I did last night: Dinner out and doing some groceries at the mall. (My first after a long time of recovering from my operation. ( last!)
  7. Two things I ate today: Yakisoba flavored pancit canton and sliced bread
  8. Two persons I last spoke to: Hubby and a neighbor
  9. Two things that I will be doing tomorrow: nothing planned yet...just the usual stuff like working and blogging.
  10. Two favorite days of the week: definitely friday and sunday
  11. Two favorite holidays: For me there can never be a true holiday than Christmas and New Year.
  12. Two favorite beverages: coffee and dalandan flavored juice
  13. Two things about me that you may have not known: that I can cook well and sometimes I am also irritable.(lol)
  14. Two jobs that I have had in my life: I was once a teacher for 2 years and an Administrative Assistant in a car company.
  15. Two movies that I would watch over and over: Transporter 1&2 and The Net
  16. Two places I have lived: my hometown at Compostela Valley Province and here in Davao City
  17. Two of my favorite foods: it's always been the pancit and soft taco
  18. Two places I would rather be right now: my sister's place in Cebu or Baguio, the place I've been longing to go to.

Christmas Tag

What are the 5 gifts you would buy for yourself this Christmas, if you had unlimited income?
  1. I'll treat myself for a holiday spa (all over!)
  2. laptop
  3. clothes
  4. a pair or two of slip-ons
  5. nice and elegant kitchen wares and cooking tools

2 Response to "two Things About Me"

  1. Kero says:

    Nicley done, Nancy! Thank you so much. I am wearing hubby shirts because i refused to buy maternity clothes hihi. Sayang lang kase. Anyway, i am giving birth anytime this month so hopefully i can return hubby's clothes early next year hihi. Take care of your health dear, and stay positive. It's amazing how an outlook in life can change our health. Hugs!

    Nancy says:

    thanks kero...ur right, ganyan din ang style ko during my pregnancy stages para maka tipid.

    Well, goddluck. You will now soon be a mother.Just enjoy the feeling. I wish you a safe and sound delivery!

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