My 3rd Blog Award of the Month!



Let me categorize this award: for me this is a favor, an inspiration, and an early christmas present from a blogger-friend, Liza. Thank you so much and since the season is nearly coming, I would also like this award be shared to these following people: Evs, Loves, Ivy, Joy, and Darlene.

Advance Merry Christmas to all of us!

4 Response to "My 3rd Blog Award of the Month!"

  1. gwapasila says:

    holy mouse, what an award...very neat , it reminds me about the Christmas Story movie where the father won a major award... girl. TC

    Liza says:

    You deserve it! By the way I have another tag for you ;) Take care.

    Liza says:

    ooops! I forgot to tell you, the tag is at, thanks

    Nance says:

    hi nancy,
    my name is nancy too but friends call me nance (nans). there's a lot going on in your blog, i like it. it's lively!
    when you have a chance, pls visit my blog: nance

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