At last my blogging power is back!



Last sunday, I was simply being sluggish...I don't know...there really comes a time that dull moment takes place along the way. Hubby was away for an on call work and I was left alone in the house. I have to do some ways to keep myself occupied and my PC is the only thing at hand for a rescue. I've been trying to weigh up on something to write about but ideas seems keeping their distance in my thinkbox, although I still spend the whole time browing websites , visiting blogs and clicking ads...(hehe...that I can't live the day!).

Yesterday, my blog archive for October was finally restored with the reinforcement of my advocate, Evs. If you have noticed, my October files got distorted beyond my consciousness without even knowing why and how...gush! perhaps that's what I get from being too unwatchful with my editing. Anyway, I would like to give credit to Marie for carefully eyeing the flaw.

For now, few tasks from my co-bloggers were still left undone and I hope to have them posted before further job comes along. :-(

'till next entry. have a blissful tuesday to all of us!

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