I got this tag from a fellow blogger/new found friend, Lizeth. I hope I could figure it out right. So here we go!

You're a STAR.....

  • Kate and Naureen - the brightest stars I've ever seen in my whole life. They are my lifetime treasures. Incomparable.
  • Evs - the longest friend I"ve ever had...since my college days and even until now, she had been there. Walang kupas! One thing I liked her most is her being neutral. Akala mo papanigan ka dahil bestfriend mo?!! ohh no...hindi sya yun...Once you're wrong, you're wrong and the other way around..No more, no less...On the other hand, i'm forever thankful that we found each other's way again..if not, there will be no "just the way it is..." Thank you a hundred folds for everything, evs...
  • Luvi-eyli - thats how she pronounce her name according to her daddy. :-) and like evs, she's also a close friend of mine from college...ewan ko lang kung friend pa ako nito! (hehe...) We, actually just had our 2-days reunion recently. I'm glad, she spared time to visit us here...This one's a tough woman; a strong willed-person. Never runs out of words to say and the most interesting part about her is that she make things happen.....Thanks friend for the lessons you taught me on photoshop.
  • Gladys - my very first blogger friend/visitor. I thank evs that she made way to our acquaintance...I've only known her not so long ago but during our first chat, she displayed her kindness. I was even more inspired when she welcomed me to blogworld. You will never go wrong with her coz' she is surely willing to assist you to your blogging needs...Thank you, gladz...I really look forward that we could meet in person one day.
  • Marie - you have a very pleasant personality and for being one of my constant visitors, I thank you so much...
Now that I'm's my turn to tag these people: Anne, Marie, KM and Parisukat

4 Response to "BE MY STAR!"

  1. Dabawenya Babe says:

    nax..ur welcome. di ko alam na kasali pala ako dito until nakapag bloghop ako. senxa na di nakakadalaw, dami ginagawa eh.

    ur a nice person too and God bless you nanz. U get well soon ok?

    Chat with u later and hey more power on ur blog.

    More posts to go!!

    grabeh, speechless naman ako sa nabasa ko dito. I never thought I made an impact on someone's life by doing a very simple thing...hehehe...thank you sa appreciation...

    hope to chat with you soon...I added you already in my YM..

    Ingat always...and yeah, we are talking the same Gladys Nanz...she is also a very dear friend of mine..


    ann says:

    Hello Nancy! Friend mo pala si ev talaga, I thought sa blog lang kayo nagkakilala.

    Bruha.... of curs friend kita (pa rin) duaw sa ako blog.. I have something there for you. How was your photoshop? you can do it.. ikaw your one of my greatest pagdating sa art... bru... lapit ng 15.... parang di na ko tough ana bahhh... Ingat ha and God bless

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