Should I Be Alarmed?



Just as I am about to renew this blog’s domain name I got this error message from Google Apps services…

Am I supposed to be alarmed? I should have had this domain renewed two days ago but I kept on getting the same Server Problem message since then.

An excerpt of their reminder says:
Please note that if you decide to not renew or transfer your domain by September 8, 2012, you will disrupt your Google Apps service and could even lose your domain and all data associated with your account. 
The thought of waking up one morning and not being able to access this page anymore freaks me out. Not known to all this 5-year old page is the mother of all my blogs. I went through a roller coaster-like ride in blogging but never did I have even a single thought of giving it up – not this page! It will shut me down if anything or anyone would take everything I have put up for this page away from me. I hope Google Apps won’t.

Another Year Without Him...



… And forever we’ll be counting.

Today would have been my late father’s 63rd Birthday but the way we count it just had to change and instead we keep track on how long we have been missing him all these years. Well it has been 10 years. I wonder how different our life would have been if he was still around here with us.

Earlier, Mama and I went to visit his grave, offered him some prayers, flowers, lighted candles and told him “Happy Birthday.” I wish I could hand him a gift like I used to do but I know now he already got more than what he deserve long time ago because he‘s exemplary and a great father, he will always be to us.

Happy birthday, Pa, wherever you are!
photo courtesy of Yahoo images

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